Hope Lost


As the attacks on faith come with more and more frequency, regardless of religion, it seems that those who exhibit any faith in God or a higher being are ever increasingly under fire for those beliefs.

The speed and intensity of the attacks across the globe on those of faith seem to be increasing at such a rapid and rabid pace that at times it seems that total anarchy and chaos will prevail.

So why do these attacks on faith, any faith matter? Because without faith, there can be no hope. 

Faith is a necessary condition of hope. 

“Faith is for the sake of hope” – Benedict XVI

If hope is present, then faith must also be present.  Faith expresses a belief about the present while hope is for the future

Throughout much of the world and here in the United States of America hope of a future seems to be lost. 

When hope is lost, dreams cease, futures seem dark and relationships struggle.  Without hope, plans for our futures become stifled and motivations wane. 

“Hope is the anticipated fulfillment of intention” – Edmund husserl

Hope gives us the belief in a better tomorrow, dreams to chase and plans to make.   it gives us direction and motivations to be better, do better and help others.

Dictators destroy hope to control the masses.  If one feels that there is no hope for a better tomorrow then they wont fight as passionately against the tyranny, they relinquish themselves to despair, the opposite of hope.

It is this despair used against citizens to remove freedoms and liberties from all, not just the few. 

Those who advocate for the removal of religious liberties for anyone, threatens tyranny for all, including themselves.

For the removal of faith for some,  results in the destruction of hope for all


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