Golden Corral Limits Servers Tip to $4.00


Golden Corral, like most buffets is pay first then eat establishment, as such the few occasions we go we always ask for some extra cash at the register when paying so that we may adequately tip our server.

My wife and I will tip fairly generously when service is good and then usually only tip the normal 10-15% when service is adequate.  However, I find that a 15% tip on a $15.00 meal is insufficient and therefore my minimum tip amount is $5.00 regardless of the ticket.

Last night we headed out for a rare trip to Golden Corral for dinner, as I was paying for our buffet I asked for $5.00 back on the debit transaction for the servers tip as my total bill was only $18.00.

Much to my surprise I was informed by the hostess that I would only be allowed to tip the server a maximum of $4.00 as that is all she could give me.  Surely there must be change in the register for $5.00??  How about in ones or a five or even some quarters?  She said that they would only allow a $4.00 tip on this transaction amount.

WOW!!  I am amazed that this company would be unwilling to let me, a paying customer, tip one of their servers as I felt and LIMIT,  I repeat LIMIT the amount of a tip I could leave them.  I was limited in leaving a hard working, friendly, polite and courteous employee too large of a tip,  What kind of idiotic, stupid and demotivating policy is that?  Why would a company that relies upon servers punish them, their hardworking employees,  and limit how large a tip can be?

We asked our server, an older woman working a second job at night to support her family,  about this policy and was informed that they knew nothing about it.  She was aghast.  She went to the management to inquire of this situation.  The wonderful manager told their employee, our server, that Golden Corral was not an ATM and customers need to come prepared.

Appalling!  Disgusting!  This manager not only curtly responded to the employees concern but then turned his attack to the very paying customers that pay his salary.

My heart aches for those employees whom must work for a company like this.  A company who lets their customers pay the salary of a server and then limit what that customer can pay for such services.  Any company with management such as this and the blatant disregard for the people whom work for them and the disrespect towards their customers is doomed to fail!

What a disgrace!  What a shame!  What a travesty.  I can only hope that these servers can find a place to work where they can be valued for the kind hospitality and service they are highly adept at providing.


2 thoughts on “Golden Corral Limits Servers Tip to $4.00

  1. I must say you are very generous. I usually tip 15-20%, so for an $18 tab I would probably tip $4.00, and I usually just have the tip added to the debit. However, the family restaurant I frequent most often actually has an ATM right in their lobby – that probably would have made it easier for you to leave a larger tip in cash as you wanted to. It’s too bad that deserving server got gyped out of her tip by her own management.


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