The Power of Anger


Few if any other emotions carry the power of anger.  Lives have been lost, futures forsaken, families destroyed and wars fought over ones inability to effectively control this raw and deeply powerful emotion.

How many words have been said as a result of anger that in hindsight would never have been spoken?  How many hearts broken and lives shattered?  Words once spoken can never be recalled, no apologies, no amount of begging or pleading for forgiveness can ever undue what is done when anger is present.

Anger when uncontrolled can magnify in intensity and power until an individual loses all reasoning and common sense.  All other emotions flee and rage takes over.  For most, anger is suppressed and controlled, for others its deadly.  Like a pressure cooker, it builds and builds until the explosion occurs, usually not directed at the source of the anger, but at simply the spark to the explosion.

Anger is a basic and raw emotion we all experience in life.  The incredible power of anger when controlled and directed can catapult one in a positive direction to accomplish much good in the world, while when uncontrolled and unbridled it can turn deadly.

There is much anger in this world, coupled with animosity and hatred.  Societal pressures mount and add to the build up prior to the unrestrained explosion and that undoubtedly occurs when ones anger is not dealt with and simply bottled up.   For some, this pressure cooker last decades before exploding, for others its simply hours or minutes.

We all must deal with the effects of anger in our lives, both internally and externally from others.  It is how effective we are in this process that can eliminate an uncontrollable explosion.

How do you deal with and release that build of of anger within?

One thought on “The Power of Anger

  1. Very much a global disability but one by one we could make a difference, if only in our own homes, communities, work places etc.
    I struggled with anger last year when i was diagnosed with arthritis, it felt as though my life was over as I knew it, lost hopes, dreams and desires, lost self worth b/c for the life of me I couldn’t figure how else I was going to do my life, much less how anyone would want me now. I wish I could have taken the advice I’ve given others over the years, pray before it gets too bad. I didn’t’ and I hit rock bottom. I always find a positive in all things eventually but it was a miserable time for me, my kids and many people around me.
    It’s not something I’d ever allow myself to wallow in again, if only I’d just prayed I know I could have come to terms with it all very differently.


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