It’s Not My Fault!


In life we are bombarded with the belief that it’s not my fault, that some other person, thing or event creates problems in our lives.  We listen to this lie and believe it to be true.

We are taught as children that we get into less trouble by claiming it wasn’t our fault, in school when we fail a test that it was the teachers fault for not teaching the subject very well.  We are conditioned from early on not to take responsibility for our own lives, that we can blame someone or something else for our misfortunes.

Many people live life and never take responsibility for their own welfare, well being, happiness and success or failure.  I often hear in familial difficulties that it was the husbands fault, or the wife’s fault,  It was never the fault of the individual telling the story, always someone else.

We see it in politics, movies, even in a confessional.  Fault always lies with someone or something else.

Who is this someone?  What it this thing? 


It always lies at the doorstep, yet it has no identity, no clear agenda or purpose, yet most seldom lay claim to it.  The abuser blames past abuse, the addict blames heartaches inflicted in the past, the failure claims the unfairness of society.  There is always someone or something else to blame.

Fault, however is ours and ours alone for we are solely responsible for our own choices, actions and decisions in life.  Our failings in life can no more be blamed upon others as our successes cannot be claimed by another.

We choose everyday our course in life, only we can alter that course. 

Our lives belong to us, it is our fault how it turns out and what we do with it.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault!

  1. I agree that society teaches us ‘its not our fault’ before we’ve even got out the door… though its a balancing act to take responsibility v self blame it’s a life long balance (in my personal opinion) that we learn more from with each different situation…. b/c at the end of the day, if we know exactly what the right thing is at every junction where is the lesson? 😉


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