Rejected Answers


I have taken some time away to ponder and meditate many things that have been pressing upon my mind this year. It seems that as this world seemingly spins out of control, I see many who become disillusioned with the very process of prayer and answers seemingly not received when earnestly sought.

I see many individuals struggling around me with one thing or another, from health issues to relationship and family issues, to some questioning their belief in God. Many of them share the same frustrations that they earnestly pray for help, yet it never seems to come.

I find irony in these prayers as the help is sought generally speaking, yet when specific answers arrive on their doorsteps, they reject the simplicity of the answer and never pray to know if that is indeed the very answer they are being sent from their heartfelt and earnest prayers. If it is through small and simple things great things come to pass, then why do so many expect complicated solutions to their challenges? Why do so many refuse to accept simple solutions for life’s complicated challenges?

How many times have we prayed for help with our lives, only to neglect the knock on the door when the neighbor arrives? To refuse to answer or return a phone call? To refuse a simple yet proven remedy for an ailment plaguing us?

Many of us claim to believe in God and in his love for us, yet trust greater in the arm of flesh than in divine intervention through another person. We mockingly laugh at the answers sent to us while crying to God for deliverance, when He has already sent it!

I believe that as one seeks for God’s guidance, wisdom and help in this life through heartfelt and earnest prayer, that we should also seek wisdom in answers that arrive at our doorstep and ask if He sent them to us if we are uncertain. I believe many of us suffer longer than is necessary as a result of our own neglect in listening and hearing the answers we seek.

God answers our prayers, those who listen will hear them.

One thought on “Rejected Answers

  1. Oh James! I read this when you posted it and I started a reply… but my words sounded defensive and that wasn’t how I wanted to respond… now, however, all I can say is, I agree!
    I too have failed to see the real prayer answers b/c they weren’t what I wanted or b/c the truth scared me for one reason or another… and I admit, sometimes I still ‘hide’ from the true answer but accepting it, or learning to accept it never leaves me with the feelings I think i’d have at the beginning! Walking each step in faith is so hard, as you know, but once we find our way to do it, the blessings and strengths come boundlessly to us! 🙂


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