The Games She Plays – A Fathers Heartache 19

I really hate being made out to be the bad guy with my children.   The stupid games of planning a family trip on my Fathers Day weekend and getting the kids all excited about it is a joke!  AFTER she plans the trip she then tries to “work” out a solution or a trade in weekends so that the kids can go with them.  Here’s a solution!  plan the trip on any of the 20 days a month you don’t let me see them! Who in their right mind does this crap to their children?

Now that she has done that, I am left holding the bag for this crap!  If I say no, the game starts that “your dad won’t let you come on this family trip!”  “If he loved you and really cared for you then that he wouldn’t take this away from you”

Why is it that I am able to plan ALL of my family time and trips around the extremely limited time that I get to see them and she pulls this crap on MY fathers day weekend?

Nine long years of these stupid games on my children.  Will she ever learn that she is destroying our children before it’s too late?

I can only pray for a miracle that my dear children survive her bullshit.

7 thoughts on “The Games She Plays – A Fathers Heartache 19

  1. Sadly, for her, when the kids grow up and they become wiser, they can see their parents and their actions with the wisdom of adults, all too soon. At almost 15, my great nephew has already seen the same actions from his mother, my niece. He sees that she only plans things to cause problems for others, the rest of the time she ignores him or orders him around live a slave to do her bidding, yet she still makes time to take credit for his achievements in school, though never once has she helped him with homework. They are living with me and my sons for the third time in his short life because, again, she had no way to support him, is mid-divorce, pregnant and already ignores the daughter who turned 1 year old today, the same way she has always ignored her son. His response, “I wish I could bring my half-sister and just live with you and she (his mother) can go somewhere else.”

    Do parents like these forget that their children do grow up, learn to think for themselves and judge the actions of those who claim to love them. Yes, and when they do the parents like these are the ones you hear bemoaning the fact that their kids never call and they never bring the grandchildren around. Yet, these parents never stop to think, “Why WOULD they want to expose their beloved children to the same sort of abuse?

    Keep being the reasonable parent, the one who worries and cares about the children’s lives, wishes and feelings. You may not see them much now, but they will probably be in your life willingly for much longer than they are in hers.


    • Thank you. That is what I am hoping for one day. I am saddened to hear this all too familiar story. These poor children are paying such a high price for the selfishness and hatred of a parent. It truly breaks my heart.

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      • Though it is still abuse, in my opinion, at least they are not suffering violence. Though they will suffer emotionally, it will probably make them better parents themselves as they look back and see the difference between the way you parent and the way she parents. The unconditional love versus the love that selfishly demands what it wants without regard for the feelings of others. They see it now and will understand it when they get older. I suspect they will end up being more like you if given the chance.


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