Smooth Sailing or Stormy Seas?


Where we spend our time is what we attract into our lives.  Many of the posts found in this blog are about my family and my children.  I ache everyday that my children are not with me.  I struggle at times seeing above that cloud that is ever present in my life.  Many times I am unsuccessful in these attempts and the storms wash over me.  These moments most often create the opportunity for me to correct my course. 

The wonderful lesson throughout our lives is that when the sea is smooth, it’s rather easy to slowly drift off course as we are not paying the needed attention in our lives to the things that matter most.  The complacency created by our smooth sailing takes our focus off of our destination and where we need to be, we drift quietly along headed in the general direction, yet with each slight change in course, our targeted destination becomes exponentially further away toward the impending storms.

It is during those moments when the storms arise and wash over us when we most likely refocus our attention to the direction we are sailing.  It is then that we more clearly see the change in course we have experienced and the struggle to correct our direction begins.  Many times the waves encountered press hard against us and fight our desire to turn the ship.  It becomes great work as we correct our course back into the smooth seas we most enjoy.

The real lesson should be that as I learn from each course correction how much I dislike the choppy water that the times spent in the things that matter most on the smooth seas will keep me focused and headed for the promised destination ahead, without ever drifting off course toward those torrential storms that are lurking each time our direction ever so slightly changes. 

Keeping an eye and spending the time on the important things can keep us far from that stormy sea that no one enjoys.

2 thoughts on “Smooth Sailing or Stormy Seas?

  1. You are right on target. I find that this same thing happens to me. When life is easy and flowing smoothly along, it is easy to get distracted from what’s really important. Sometimes it takes the storm to get us back on track.


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