Whats Your Story?


We all have our own story, life is our story.  Each of us have been given a unique and distinctly different story to tell.  How many of us share our stories?  Do we open ourselves up to others and share our experiences in life and what we have learned along the way?

My story is one that few people know all the details.   My wife knows a lot of them, my mother some, my brothers a little and friends and neighbors even less.  I oftentimes hear that my story is one that if fully known that few people would be able to live.  I guess that in many ways I would disagree with that statement as I do not believe that my life’s story has been any more challenging than someone else and their story, just different.

There are some whose challenges seem to be greater and more difficult than others.  Sometimes those difficulties arise from our own poor choices.  Others times they arise from the choices of others.  Sometimes these greater challenges are given to us by a kind and loving Father in Heaven who sees us for what we are to become, understanding this He gives us the opportunities to grow and develop in ways that require a difficult path.  Purity comes from the refinement process.

If your story is one that in comparison seems more difficult than others around you, have you truly pondered the question of what am I supposed to learn and gain from this process?  Do you share that wisdom learned through the heat of the refiners fire?  Has your compassion for others increased as a result of your own challenges?

We are on this earth not only to learn but to help others along the way.  If we neglect to share not only our story but also the wisdom of what we have learned through the process, I believe we are failing and the heat we have endured is for naught.  We all have a story to tell and wisdom to share from it.  What’s yours?

8 thoughts on “Whats Your Story?

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We are here to learn, but even more so, we are here to share to others what we learn. Why learn through our challenges, only to keep that wisdom for ourselves? Thank you for this very important reminder.


  2. Very important points you brought. The experiences we go through, the people we have challenges with, the chance encounters we have, the places we visit, and the lessons we learn from all that, only put us in a position to be properly equipped to prepare someone else for what they are about to face.

    Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great post.

    So who are we really? Are we who our story is? Or are we who are wound up being based on the story that we have lived? It is important to make the distinction here for this allows us the opportunity to gain actionable access to aspects of our own-selves for a transformative experience.

    Would you be interested in taking this discussion forward?



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