Wanting to Belong


Standing on the outside

Always looking in

Blind to some around me

much to my chagrin

A life so full of service

Attempting to belong

With those who do not see me

Invisible all along

A world so full of laughter

and love for all to share

standing alone inside the room

where no one seems to care

Continuing on in faith and love

I stand here all alone

Giving to those all around

Yet never being home

I stand here in the midst of you

longing to be seen

yet gossip swirls all around

as others belittle and demean

so maybe life is best alone

with my family at my side

protected from the world we live

with all its’ gossip and its’ lies

One thought on “Wanting to Belong

  1. I felt water stood in my eyes when I was reading this. I hope my twin daughters would not feel like they don’t belong. Nice poem, very eye-opener.


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