Everyday Waterfalls


Our lives impact one another in ways that few of us can ever fully comprehend nor understand.  Our daily interactions are powerful and life changing, we have within ourselves to change how others view the world each day. Like the rushing waterfalls, we too create them in life with each person we encounter.

Most of us would accept that those individuals whom we allow into our lives make significant impacts, both positively and negatively.  We are shaped and formed by those whom we are raised with, by our friends, neighbors, family, coworkers and colleagues.  The emotions and actions each of us carry with us make an impact on those closest to us.

Have you ever truly pondered the impact you have upon total strangers?  Those whom you keep at a distance? and those who cross upon your path?

These interactions are many times more powerful and impactful than those mentioned above.   The kindness or at times rudeness we share with complete strangers have a tremendous impact upon not only their day, but also our own.  The kindness we show a stranger creates a peace within our own souls that can change how we interact and converse with those closest to us.  The same kindness you show a stranger changes the way they view their day.  A simple act of service can move mountains for someone.  It might very well be a saving grace for them.

Conversely, when we treat strangers unkindly, the road rage while driving to work, our refusal to let someone in the lane, the shortness in patience we exhibit with the store clerk or irritation shown at the stranger slowing traffic down.  Each interaction carries with it a greater ripple effect in each life touched with these seemingly small and insignificant moments.

We each hold the power to impact lives every single day.  Will it be for good or bad?

The smallest of streams have the power to become the greatest of waterfalls, so too do our actions.  What waterfalls we create are up to each of us.

3 thoughts on “Everyday Waterfalls

  1. It’s like your reading my mind! I’ve posted something very similar to this, a few times. I couldn’t agree more. We greatly impact those around us, strangers and all. What we do can have a very positive effect on them, and can also have a long lasting negative impact. How we treat a stranger could likely be the thing that pushes them to their breaking point. We never know what others are going through, but we can be sure that they are going through something. Everyone is. We should consider that as we interact with them. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to be kind to everyone we meet, see and pass by.


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