Outrage Over the Konduga and Chibok Kidnappings.


Where is the international outrage?  Where is the support?  Why the silence from the media?  Twenty five school aged girls were kidnapped in Konduga in March, silence.  No rescue efforts.  No outrage.   3 weeks later on April 15th another 230 girls kidnapped from school to be sold as sex slaves and wives. The original 25 kidnappings weren’t even mentioned until after the next kidnapping in April.  Still silence until MAY???  and no international rescue efforts?

The missing Malaysian flight 370 disappears with 227 passengers and 12 crew members in March.  An international search began within 24 hours.  At the peak of the search for this missing plane 26 countries were assisting with aircraft and ships from 11 of them!  Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, The United Kingdom and the United States of America all joined in, spending millions of dollars searching for the missing aircraft.  The search is estimated to cost nearly a QUARTER OF A BILLION dollars!

Where the hell is the logic?  We can spend MILLIONS with thousands of individuals looking for a missing plane within 24 hours and yet 22 days go by for these children and no money spent and FINALLY the US sends a dozen people to help in the search efforts 22 days after they go missing??

These children, little girls are undoubtedly being raped and tortured and the world remains silent?  May God have mercy on our souls.



image:  www.infonaija.com.ng

12 thoughts on “Outrage Over the Konduga and Chibok Kidnappings.

  1. It seems typical for our (US) current political and media state of being. Everything is twisted and the majority believe the lies. Time to get back on track and put God at the helm.


  2. This is definitely like a holocaust of sorts and we (and the world) need to act quickly! I signed a petition on a We the People site. Anyway, there is happier news… I nominated you for a family Award! Congrats and be peaceful, Robin


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