Our truest self is on display during our greatest moments of stress.  How we respond and treat others is evidence of our inner self during these times in our lives.

We all experience moments when we lose our composure.  The stress in life and the demands we are under can at times be like a pressure cooker waiting to blow.  Usually when this happens, our frustrations are taken out on the individuals least responsible for our feelings.  It could be a clerk at the store or the waitress.  Many times it is directed at the ones who love us the most. 

The moments immediately following these events show what that individual is made of and who they really strive to be.  When we look past the frustration of the moment and watch what immediately follows we can see someones real character.  Does that person apologize to the one who faced the onslaught of their frustration?  Do they try to make up for it?   Or do they continue blowing steam at everyone who comes across their path?

Much of my day is spent dealing with individuals who blow steam, typically directed at those who are helping them.  Few ever reach back out to apologize for their frustration and for mid-directing it.  Those individuals who never reach out suffer greatly as the burden they carry within them can never be resolved as each time someone experiences their frustration they actually pack more baggage than the last time.  They never get resolution in life to the things building up.  Those who sincerely seek out the ones they have offended, and wronged, even if a total stranger, are able to show their character and who they desire to be.  They are able to let go of unnecessary burdens and thus lighten their loads.

We treat others the way we see ourselves.  If we have no respect for ourselves, we can never respect any one else.  If we never seek forgiveness when we wrong someone, how could we respect ourselves? 

17 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Very nicely written. I have been on both sides of this kind of frustration before and I am in complete agreement. To say, “I’m sorry” is more difficult than it seems.


  2. Lately I have been taking a good look at my behavior when I am most stressed. It brings out the true colors in all of us, and often the worst side. If we can take an honest look at ourselves during those moments, I think we’re getting somewhere. We’re wearing emotional blinders by only seeing ourselves when we’re at our best, and it certainly doesn’t make for honest relationships, I have learned! Thx for the thought-provoking post!


  3. With all of my frustrations, my feelings of not doing what I should be doing, and things that are out of my control lately, I’ve been on the defensive and reacting, rather than taking time to take a breath. This post helped me to realize what I’d been doing and to take that breath. Its wonderfully written. Thank you 🙂


  4. This makes me think of times I’ve become angry with my kids when it really had nothing to do with them, but was just me not handling a stressful situation well. Thank you for this post.


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