There is No Tomorrow


I’m sorry dad

I don’t have the time

the boss is calling

I need to make  dime


It’s OK my son

I understand

Maybe next week?

It would be so grand!


I’m sorry dad

I don’t have the time

My weekend is taken

with a mountain to climb


I miss you my son

It will be OK

Maybe next week?

We can go out and play


I’m sorry my son

You’re dads gone home

He’s proud of the man

into which you have grown


Now a heart left with sorrow

for there is no other day

No more tomorrows

for which to go play


© 2014 James Isbell


15 thoughts on “There is No Tomorrow

  1. Congratulations of being on my list of award nominations today! Happy May Day and please check out your fellow nominees! If you wish to accept the award, please check out the one who gave it to me! Amanda followed the rules and I didn’t! Smiles, Robin


  2. So much wasted time. It’s east to forget that life is short. Then we lose someone and the reality of just how short life is, hits us. But then, it’s too late. The sudden passing of my step-dad last year was a big eye opener for me. i just with I could have had my eyes opened *before* he passed. This post was a much needed reminder, especially these days when everyone is so ‘busy’.


    • I am sorry about your step dad. We do seem to get very busy in life and it can be so hard to step back and make sure we are spending our time wisely. Time with our loved ones is too short and precious to waste


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