Bella’s Heartbeat


On her tiny little feet

she balances to stand

with fragile little fingers

she grabs hold of my hand

her hand now in mine

her confidence grows

with each step she takes

with the trust that she knows

she laughs and she giggles

as she runs down the hall

holding my hand knowing

I won’t let her fall

with love in her eyes

she smiles up at me

melting this heart

and now humbling me

how one tiny person

can break granite hearts

with love unconditionally

right from the start

the power of love

from a tiny heartbeat

captures your heart

from the moment it beats

Burning Bridges


Have you ever met someone whom every bridge they cross in life burns brightly behind them, the person who treats others as commodities in life, to be used, thrown away or exchanged?

I am certain that everyone at one time or another in this life burns a bridge or two behind them.  It is easy to become offended by the actions of others and while the person crossing the bridge may never look back at the fiery flames devouring the bridge behind them.  It is quite possible that bridges innocently burn as I believe most do not fit the above description.   Those who do likely know they ignite flames everywhere they go and leave a trail of destruction behind them.

What of those who at times innocently burn that bridge behind them and upon that realization that the bridge is on fire, or burnt down they attempt to rebuild that bridge?  Do you allow them to build a new bridge or do you throw gasoline and a match upon that bridge to prevent them from crossing again?  Do you lift a hand to help build a new and even better bridge than before?

I believe that when a bridge innocently burns and the opportunity given to rebuild a new one occurs, the result is something stronger and better than what existed in the first place.  In order for this to happen it requires both parties to be willing to rise above the flames and remaining ashes and create that stronger and better bridge between them. 

How many blessings and opportunities in this life do we miss out on by refusing those who would rebuild a bridge innocently burned to do so?  For those who ignite the biggest fires behind them never look back long enough to witness their destructive path and those who attempt to rebuild realize their mistakes.

The Cavern of Hearts


Looking over the edge

To eternity I see

The blackness is calling

as it summons to me

The darkness is thick

and heavy as sand

making it difficult

to walk and to stand

years are spent keeping

all others away

it has brought me to stand

at this cavern today

one that will keep me

ever hidden away

one always keeping

all others at bay

where this heart is kept

from the heartache of life

where the only one in

is my beloved dear wife 

The Protest of Differing Beliefs


What motivates anyone to protest the religious beliefs or meetings of any religion?  This issue seems to come up semi-annually in Salt Lake City during the conferences for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Each session of these conferences are met with protestors and picketers making various claims against the church and its members desiring to worship in peace.  It seems as though the primary focus of those who protest during these conferences are there attempting to disrupt the meetings and create altercations with the attendees.  These protestors thrive on conflict and do all in their power to create it.

I have never been one to protest the personal or religious beliefs of any individual and quite frankly find enlightenment from friends who have differing viewpoints.  I have many friends from nearly all religious and non religious backgrounds.  I have never seen the need to protest or speak against their personal beliefs.  I respect the differences in our beliefs and opinions,  and most of them respect mine.  This creates a great opportunity to learn, understand and accept one another. 

So what truly motivates an individual to desire creating conflict with others as they worship and attend religious services. 

Are they afraid of the teachings?  If so, why?  Most people are afraid of that which they have no understanding of.  If one is fearful of something, wouldn’t trying to understand that difference of belief aid in reducing that fear? Or could it be a fear that they know they are incorrect in their own personal beliefs and are afraid to recognize that within themselves?

Is it merely a lack of knowledge and misunderstanding?  If so, why would anyone be foolish enough to protest anything they do not understand or have knowledge of?  Wouldn’t this make them foolish?

Is it driven by hatred?   I believe so.  I believe that for anyone to protest the personal religious beliefs of another, (this includes those who claim to have no religious beliefs for that is their belief) there must be a deep hatred within them.  Contention is a form of expression for hatred and animosity, and anyone who claims otherwise would find their argument difficult at best to prove,  when love is best expressed through peace and understanding.

We all carry within us differing beliefs. No two people believe exactly the same thing as everyone has their own opinion and interpretation even within the same religions.  To protest another’s beliefs for being different is the truest form of hypocrisy.

Stand for something or fight against those who do? Where are you?


Which one are you?

There are 3 types of individuals in this world. 

1) Those who sit silent and quiet on the sidelines unwilling to voice their opinion.

2) those who are unable and unwilling to express an opinion and attacks others instead of defending a position. 

3)  Those who stand for their beliefs and clearly state and defend what they believe.

The biggest group are those whom sit quietly on the sidelines watching as the outspoken few create changes that affect the majority.  I believe that most individuals fall into this group. These individuals may deeply disagree and at times complain in small groups, they are unwilling to place themselves in the line of potential debate, unwilling to defend their opinions. 

The second largest group are this who are unable and or unwilling to defend their beliefs yet are vocally outspoken against the beliefs of others.   They ridicule, attack, harass and abuse those who believe in anything for the sheer enjoyment of the “argument”  They seldom if ever give a reason why or evidence in support of their attacks.  These are the individuals whom will scream the loudest to deny others their rights to believe and worship as they choose, the ones who will cry foul when oppressing someones beliefs in favor of another’s yet are unable to give reason why.

The third group, which is the smallest yet in my opinion to most logical are those who are willing to stand for something.  They hold deep convictions within themselves of what is right and wrong and are willing to express why they believe what they believe.  They are willing and aware that to do so they will face the wrath of those in group 2 and the indifference of group one.  This group is also the most accepting of differing viewpoints and beliefs as they stand on solid ground within themselves.  They don’t fear others beliefs like those in group 2 does. This group does not feel the need to attack anothers beliefs and generally accepts those who do differ.