Future Generations


As my children grow older, I find more and more reflections on my own childhood occupying my mind.  My childhood was wonderful, great parents, family and friends.  We never had a lot of money as a kid, yet my parents always found the money to take us somewhere every year.  These memories create an immense desire to give the same to my children.  I wonder often if they will reflect upon their childhood with the same fondness that I do on mine.

As I ponder what was important, what has left the largest impact upon my life and what memories I hold dearest I have learned that:

  1. Money never created the happiest memories of my childhood
  2. The trust of my parents and their approval was of tantamount importance
  3. Time with my family and relatives was deeply important and infuential
  4. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was taught and lived in my life, creating an anchor for me in this world.
  5. A Child’s needs should always outweigh a parents
  6. Fidelity, and trust and love are required in a happy marriage
  7. Time with loved ones is far more important than careers
  8. The greatest bonding moments in our family happened in two places:  our home and nature
  9. Hard and meaningful work as a child makes successful adults
  10. True Love within a family provides a refuge from the pressures of this world.

There are many more lessons that I have learned at the hands of my parents, this is not all inclusive and could never be interpreted as such.   My humble parents taught and raised 6 successful boys who became successful and great men, wonderful fathers and husbands.  Men who understand how to work to achieve success in life. 

I hope that I can be as successful a parent as mine were.  I hope to leave that same legacy for my children and grandchildren.

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