Wind, Storms, and Rainbows


The howling wind ripped through our neighborhood last night as the storm front blew in bringing with it the anticipated rain and cooler temperatures.  As the fierce winds blew they left behind a trail of damage to homes, property and nature.  Tree branches broke in the storms onslaught, power lines fell and homes damaged in the storms path.  Then came the heavy rains leaving behind not only the much needed moisture, but the corresponding flooding that usually follows such a storm.

It is ironic that our need for life sustaining water is accompanied by the raging storms leaving at times a trail of destruction behind them, yet they are always followed by a uniquely peaceful calm and the beauty of the rainbow sent from God.  After the storms, the sun shines brighter, the birds sing and the air is clean and clear.   Blessing in each of our lives as a result of the storm we just encountered.

Our lives resemble much of these storms. While in the midst of the tremendous obstacles and at times fierce opposition in life that we all too often encounter we can at times become discouraged by the winds of change raging uncontrollably in our lives as these personal storms press on.  The darkness swirling around us can be disheartening as we try to stay balanced and centered while all else rages out of control.

Just as these storms in nature are followed by the gifts of God in the unique calm and beauty of the rainbow so too are the storms in our life.  As we stay centered and focused upon our God and our Savior, the storms in life will pass and are always followed by a deep personal calm and peace from God.  It is through these moments as we hold tight to our faith that result in greater strength and understanding of the tremendous love and personal relationship our Father and His Son have for and with each of us. 

When we abandon our belief and attempt to weather such storms alone we refuse the outstretched arms of our Savior to bring us back to safety.  It is our unwillingness to reach out and take his hand that leaves us wandering in the darkness overwhelmed and feeling alone.  The calm and peace we seek during these storms of life are there for us when we accept the help patiently waiting for us to grab ahold of.  The choices are ours and our happiness and peace are directly proportionate to our willingness to accept the outstretched hand in our lives.

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