Childhoods Lost in an Everchanging World


Freely we roamed the neighborhoods as little boys.  We spent many hours chasing frogs, catching snakes and jumping our bike across the canals.  We were free to roam and explore with little risk.  The weekends we would spend with our cousins chasing through the fields for miles on end, walking to the local movie theater and climbing trees.  Life was simple, grand and quite the adventure.  Our lives were much like the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.  We were always exploring and finding new adventure.  We would be gone from sunup to sundown.

Now as my children are of similar age as I was during those youthful adventures I find myself reminiscing much about those wonderful days full of innocence and filled with adventure.  I look at the dramatic change in the world we live as the freedoms we enjoyed as little children have been lost for this generation.  Gone are the innocent days of adventure.  Our children’s childhoods have been replaced with an ever increasing vigilance to protect them from the harm that others would do to them. 

As I reflect upon these days for me, I am reminded of the joys I found while exploring and roaming.  I search for ways to provide these same opportunities for my children while balancing the increasing need to protect them.  In many ways, in this world we live, the innocence of childhood has been lost. The repercussions of which we may not know for generations to come.

6 thoughts on “Childhoods Lost in an Everchanging World

  1. My kids and I were talking about this recently and it is a shame. I recounted stories of my sister and I and all the things we were able to do without fear that we would meet some terrible end. It is difficult to provide that same kind of freedom today and I think it’s a sad state of affairs. It does make me wonder what the future holds and the innocence lost.


    • I find myself also discussing this with my children often. i yearn to give them the same freedom I enjoyed as a child yet the world we live in is so very much different. It makes me wonder how life will be for my grandchildren and great grandchildren


  2. I read an interesting article recently where a headteacher in a school in New Zealand adopted a laissez-faire approach to child’s play in the yard. There were risks attached but results have been noteworthy in terms of behaviour and academic progress. I do wonder whether the dangers today are more or less than they ever were – recollecting my own childhood – or whether we, as adults, transfer our fears and restrict natural freedoms. I will think some more on this as it is a subject that could have wider implications both in terms of schools and in perceptions of danger. Thanks for your reflections. Your ‘burning bridges’ one too has me thinking.x


    • I too read about that same study. I found it fascinating. I would love to see some further studies done and get us back to childhood being adventurous! Thank you for reading this and sharing your thoughts on it.


  3. We used to play kick the can, and red rover with all the neighborhood kids every chance we had. We invented games and constantly laughed. Cousins came to visit for weeks in the summer and we were always outside until my mom “rang the bell.” Throwing white socks up at bats and watching them dive down was also entertaining in the evening. It’s a shame I don’t see any kids playing outside anymore.


    • Those are some GREAT memories. I recall those same games and I too have noticed that lack of outdoor activity from the children today. It saddens me to think what they will miss out on and the fond memories of those games that our generation shares. Thank you for your comments.


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