Missed Opportunities on the Pathway of Life


The scars throughout the years have left an indelible mark upon me.  While I am deeply grateful for the lessons and the wisdom I have gained through these life experiences, I am left with scars that remain hidden deep that few know about and even fewer understand.  I, like all of us, am the product of life’s lessons and experiences.

One of the deepest hidden scars I live with daily results in the extreme caution and at times inability to let others close. I show my love and compassion for others through service and while my heart is full of love for many people, I struggle deeply letting others in to know and understand me.  i keep others at a distance where I can protect myself from the pain that has too often accompanied the opening of my heart. 

My children and my wife repeatedly comment when we are out that I “know” so many people as we almost always run into someone I know.  I have worked with and had many people who have worked for me over the years.  I know them and yet many of them have no knowledge of my experiences, only what they listen to and participate in within the circles of gossip and hearsay. 

I have painfully discovered in life that many will immediately believe and retell stories that are filled with gossip, lies and deceit. Many are willing to expend great amounts of energy in retelling gossip than they are in verifying truth.  The foolish believe without discovering for themselves.  For this reason I keep people away from my heart and my family. It is a rare person and even family member who takes the time to understand my life and the path I have walked.  These are the ones, the few, who gain entrance into my realm.  They are the ones who get the share in the grandest of life’s journey’s as the blessings of heaven pour out upon my family.

I oftentimes wonder, what do we miss out on when we never take the time to understand one another, and the paths that they have had to walk in life.  All too often we quickly judge others for the road they have traveled yet fail to comprehend the beauty of that journey as most often our Savior Jesus Christ has been the one carrying them down that pathway alone.

4 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities on the Pathway of Life

  1. I am glad to find your blog!
    One comment here: only very close people can seriously wound us and leave scars. So I am open to everyone. Certainly, there are disappointments. However, very often there are very pleasant surprises. They come from people of any age. For the last 40 years only one couple (we considered them close friends) deeply wounded us but then I understood that they have never been REAL friends. We cut them from our lives and there are no scars left.


    • True that only close people can seriously wound us, however as a giver and one who finds joy in serving others, I also tend to let others in a little quickly. The wounds may not be serious, yet there can at times be many.


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