Bella’s Heartbeat


On her tiny little feet

she balances to stand

with fragile little fingers

she grabs hold of my hand

her hand now in mine

her confidence grows

with each step she takes

with the trust that she knows

she laughs and she giggles

as she runs down the hall

holding my hand knowing

I won’t let her fall

with love in her eyes

she smiles up at me

melting this heart

and now humbling me

how one tiny person

can break granite hearts

with love unconditionally

right from the start

the power of love

from a tiny heartbeat

captures your heart

from the moment it beats

8 thoughts on “Bella’s Heartbeat

  1. “Granite hearts…” 🙂
    Such a vivid narration.. the picture seemed to be running in front of my eyes the whole time… of two little feet, 10 little fingers…


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