Stand for something or fight against those who do? Where are you?


Which one are you?

There are 3 types of individuals in this world. 

1) Those who sit silent and quiet on the sidelines unwilling to voice their opinion.

2) those who are unable and unwilling to express an opinion and attacks others instead of defending a position. 

3)  Those who stand for their beliefs and clearly state and defend what they believe.

The biggest group are those whom sit quietly on the sidelines watching as the outspoken few create changes that affect the majority.  I believe that most individuals fall into this group. These individuals may deeply disagree and at times complain in small groups, they are unwilling to place themselves in the line of potential debate, unwilling to defend their opinions. 

The second largest group are this who are unable and or unwilling to defend their beliefs yet are vocally outspoken against the beliefs of others.   They ridicule, attack, harass and abuse those who believe in anything for the sheer enjoyment of the “argument”  They seldom if ever give a reason why or evidence in support of their attacks.  These are the individuals whom will scream the loudest to deny others their rights to believe and worship as they choose, the ones who will cry foul when oppressing someones beliefs in favor of another’s yet are unable to give reason why.

The third group, which is the smallest yet in my opinion to most logical are those who are willing to stand for something.  They hold deep convictions within themselves of what is right and wrong and are willing to express why they believe what they believe.  They are willing and aware that to do so they will face the wrath of those in group 2 and the indifference of group one.  This group is also the most accepting of differing viewpoints and beliefs as they stand on solid ground within themselves.  They don’t fear others beliefs like those in group 2 does. This group does not feel the need to attack anothers beliefs and generally accepts those who do differ.

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