Self Reflection in Others


Our characters are defined by the way we act and treat others. Self worth comes from how one views themselves in this world, typically doing so in comparison to others.  These two items are inextricably intertwined with one another.  If our lives are spent helping and lifting one another we can more easily see positive within ourselves.  Those who condemn, judge and ridicule others are prone to see the negative within themselves. 

If one truly desires to shake off the bondage of self doubt, depression and despair, stop judging others for the lives they have been given and start loving and serving them.  There are many who will sit on their perceived thrones and judge others for situations in that persons life they know nothing about.  Many times these judgements are made by the very people whom profess to be the most Christlike so as to be socially accepted (especially in areas of a dominant religion) yet act contrary to true Christian beliefs and values.

How we view others is a reflection of how we truly view ourselves.  One may put on a false air of confidence and self assuredness  for those around them, yet they battle unseen demons within.  Compassion, empathy, and love for others creates within us an innate ability to see that in everyone around us, including and most especially within ourselves.  Have you ever noticed that those individuals in life whom are most at peace, the kindest and gentlest are also the ones who see good in everyone around them.  They are those who do not gossip nor condemn another for their situation in life.  They lift and encourage others.

Be a light unto the world and stop judging others for decisions you disagree with. You do not need to embrace the sin to love the sinner.   As you do, you will find a greater inner peace and joy than you could ever otherwise realize.


image:  bigstockphoto

3 thoughts on “Self Reflection in Others

  1. Excellent points! I completely agree. The most important point you made is mentioning how some people tend to judge others about things they know nothing about, particularly strangers.
    It definitely is sad how the probability of the biggest culprits being Christians is very high. My hope and prayer is that it changes for the better, lest the guilty find themselves fallen in the very pit they dug for others!


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