A Hearts Last Desire


It was a cold and stormy wintery night as Bill tiredly climbed into his car to head for home.  Work had been exhausting as Bill navigated the slippery snow covered roads leading to his home, where his devoted wife and 2 boys anxiously waited for his return. Bill’s mind raced as his thoughts were on work and the many tasks that were before him. Bill had always dreamed of being an executive and was driven by the many deadlines and the extreme overtime he gave to his employer.  Bill’s satisfaction in life came from his work as he took tremendous pride in his career.

Meanwhile across town, Myron had quickly left his work anxiously longing to get home to his sweetheart and adoring children waiting for him.  Unable to contain his excitement for the weekend fast approaching, Myron mentally planned out the weekend and the time with his family that was most sacred.

The treacherous roads were barely navigable while the two men made their journey home.

Bill quickly approached the bend in the road where the ice beneath the tires caused him to spin out of control as he slammed into the oncoming car headed in the opposite direction.  The impact so great that neither car was recognizable, the force of the collision ejected both drivers from their vehicles, 

Bill and Myron were rushed into the hospital as the doctors frantically went to work to save their lives.  As both men lay there, unconscious and unmoving, a bright light appeared before the men.  It was immediately discernible that their Savior stood before them.  Both men recognized now that they were dead as both pleaded for more time with their loved ones on earth.

Greatly desiring to return to their families, Myron turned to the Lord and asked him if we would please allow him more time to share with his loved ones on earth. The Lord replied, “You have been a faithful and loving steward for your family all these years, they have been your life and your priority.  Your time spent with them was never wasted nor squandered as you understood its importance to them and yourself. As a result of your priorities and proven desire to love and be with them, you may go and enjoy more of this time that was so wisely spent.”

Bill desiring the same then made the same petition to the Lord to which the Lord replied ” you have squandered the time and love that you have been given on this earth. You have chased money and fortune.  Your family was never a priority on earth when you were alive, why would you desire now to go back to that which was so unimportant in the first place?”  Bill hung his head and replied, “I took for granted that my time with them would always be tomorrow, I wanted to give them everything they asked for and needed.”  “Did you not recognize that they needed you more than they needed the money and power you sought for?” asked the Lord.  Quietly Bill replied, ” I was blinded by the foolish desire for wealth while neglecting my most precious treasure, my family.”   The Lord gently and lovingly replied, “your time on earth is up Bill, your family will be watched over and protected from above”

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