The Climb


The climb to success can be difficult and oftentimes precarious.   The journey requires personal strength and a profound ability to hang on while things around us seem wildly out of control.  Our focus, direction and perseverance will determine our ability to hang on and stay the course that will inevitably lead to success.  Many slip and let go along the way while a few are able to keep hold and press forward.

Years ago I stepped out into the unknown and began chasing a dream of mine.  It was a scary proposition at the time as I knew the journey would be full of challenges, opposition and struggles along the way.  While I had tremendous support from some, there were an equal number of naysayers and even those who stood in opposition to this pursuit.

With full belief in myself and a tremendous amount of prayer and faith I ventured out and started out into the unknown, forming a business that was new and unique in the business world.  As I risked everything that I had, utilized a bootstrap mentality and pressed forward I was blessed along the way to find some amazing relationships that I utilized as I grew this business.  There were many whom actively stood in my pathway as I chased the success I desired.  I discovered a new and unique perspective that only those who dared risk everything could ever understand or relate. 

I was astonished to discover the many people whom believe that I was wealthy as a result of my endeavors to build a business from the ground level.  The mentality of those unwilling to risk anything to pursue a dream in believing that I should hand over to them the perceived success I had enjoyed while building this company was mesmerizing.  I was continually confronted with an entitlement attitude from those in my life who felt they deserved something to those who wanted the big paycheck with no desire to work for it.  That which required years and years of struggle on my part was eventually looked upon by others with the disdain of my success.

Along this journey I was blessed with many friends and strategic partners whom shared in the journey as we built our respective companies.  I was visiting with one of these friends the other day whom has experienced tremendous success and growth within his organization.  We reflected on the journey and even the first time we met to discuss this strategic relationship and how neither of us had received a paycheck for years.  How our savings accounts were running dry.  My friend expressed to me how close he came to losing everything and the stress that it had taken on him over the years.  The success he now enjoys was the result of tremendous sacrifice on him and his family.

Success requires sacrifice.

Over the years, I have made a personal decision in order to put to rest other outside distractions from those whom would see me fail, to slow the growth for my company.  This decision while difficult for me to make was what has inevitably saved me from these attacks that were constant and increasing.

I share this as a result of a message received yesterday from an individual whom I would classify as one plagued by the disease of entitlement. I have never met this individual, yet their message to me in telling me, and not asking me,  to give them a high paying job in my company was offensive and distasteful. 

Hard work and sacrifice  develops character and opens doors to opportunities.  If one is feeling entitled to something because another person has achieved success then the character of the one demanding should be seriously challenged and questioned.

Our success or lack thereof in life is in direct proportion to the effort we put into it.  Hang on and enjoy the climb.

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