Cast Away Fear, Doubt and Discouragement


Our pathways are created in our life by where we spend our time alone with our own thoughts.  This time with our thoughts creates our own internal belief system, whether or not we feel accepted, loved and wanted or if we feel rejected, forgotten and alone.

Fear, doubt and discouragement are powerful paralyzing forces in our lives.  The ability for us to overcome any obstacle in our lives is in direct proportion to the amount of time we give to these thoughts.  The greater the time spent with these the less likely our success will be.

There have been many challenges in my life that have provided a doorway for fear, doubt and discouragement to take hold of me and slow my progress and keep me from happiness and peace.  Overcoming these emotions and feelings can be at times our greatest challenge and create the most adversity for us. 

Overcoming these emotions requires us to cast them away and replace them with more powerful feelings like faith, hope and love. This can prove difficult at best to accomplish.  Just as the angler casts his line away from him in hopes of the fight to bring in the trophy catch, we too must cast the negative out and reel in the positive.   Sometimes the fight is strenuous and at times you must keep fighting to get it ashore, so it is with ourselves and as we conquer the fight, the reward can be realized.


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