Changing Seasons


I love the change of seasons and what each one brings with them.  I look forward to each change with anticipation and excitement. As spring approaches I find myself restless and ready to spend time in the mountains hiking again.  Hiking brings my family closer as we explore new trials and spend time outside together.  We have some of our greatest talks together as a family while crossing small streams and climbing over fallen trees. Each one creating a special memory that we all remember and reminisce.

Some of our trails that we hike are simple little walks while others pose a greater challenge.  Each one brings a unique perspective to the outdoors and mother nature.  The degrees of difficulty vary from week to week as we stumble upon new places to discover.

Today I drove up the canyon as I pondered some of the decisions we face in life.  I found myself wishing I could have more time to get out and walk along the trails and reconnect with nature.  I have always found great comfort and peace in the mountains where my soul becomes steady as my mind come to rest.

Just as our life is certain to change like the seasons and each journey we find ourselves on has varying degrees of difficulty, there is much peace and knowledge in knowing that through all the changes and challenges that we find through the seasons, we too grow and become stronger like the mighty trees that stand as a testament of change.  As we look back upon the trails and seasons of life, we too should always recognize the growth and strength that comes with each new season.

2 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

    • Thank you. I find that most of the times I think about my dad now that he’s gone we are always in the mountains. Great memories indeed and ones that will always be there. I want the same for my children.


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