A Heart Once Broken


Broken hearts

Beat once again

Protected and hidden

By walls deep within

Few there do enter

Fewer hold a key

The walls of the fortress

How mighty they be

Walls beyond walls

With mazes between

Preventing the many

Of the heart being seen

The few that do enter

The chambers within

With caution and care

As the healing begins

For a heart once broken

Is no longer the same

Fewer the friends

That will ever remain

For true love exists

In the chambers within

Where only the truest

Can ever get in

© 2014 James Isbell






5 thoughts on “A Heart Once Broken

  1. Hi, and thanks for checking-in to my blog.
    Some interesting and thought provoking postings on yours.
    Thought I could perhaps make a small contribution – although no a gifted poet – unfortunately!

    As the evening dawns over a moonlit land
    The heat of the morning is released from the sand
    Air that is laden with the invisible element
    Begins to relinquish it as jewel drop embellishments.

    It was created so long ago, that land of blue
    Bathed in reflected light and hue
    Light and darkness much like you
    Many of those that walk upon it do not reflect so much upon it!

    The direct golden rays of morning, the day is half way done
    We think our day is just starting, but alas, we are deceived
    After striving all night in the reflected light
    We awake to a magnificent sight

    The golden light and blue planet blend in harmony
    Grass and leaves receive their gift in silent symphony
    Green, the colour of health and healing
    No scarred and damaged patch can be left a’peeling




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