Ghost Towns and the Ghosts of the Past


Karla and I love to stop and see the old ghost towns as we travel.   As we visit them we often discuss what life would have been like in each particular town and imagine both the hardships and memories of living in such a town during its heyday.  Each visit brings a new perspective and appreciation to the people that inhabited these now empty towns.  Some of these ghost towns have been 100 of years old while others have only been decades.

Each ghost town shares one particular trait in common with all the others,   They each represent the end.  There is always a story behind each town, some simply faded away over time while others were vacated due to some specific event. Some towns experienced periods of great prosperity and wealth, while others never seemed to get completely started. Some feel spooky and haunted while others seem exciting and full of wonder. The more we know of the story, the less spooky each town seems. In the end, they are all simply shells of their former existence. There are some ghost towns that have much left of their history and story while others, little is known.  They each represent a specific period or events in the past.  Ghosts of the past.

In each and every town, there are wonderful stories to be taught, lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained.  The end of each town represents a specific moment in time of change.

Our lives are much like these ghost towns.   We all have moments in our past where our lives have changed.  We each have times in our lives that we have moved on from, that are in past.  We each have ghosts from our pasts.  Much like the stories, lessons and wisdom to be gained from the history of these towns, there is much to be gained from the lessons and experiences of our own past.  If we allow those moments to die without learning from them, then like a ghost town where little is known, it can haunt us.  If we learn and study from these moments in the past we can gain wisdom, knowledge and great lessons can be learned when we can stand in amazement, awe, and wonderment at the history we see before us.

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