The State of Utah’s ongoing abuse of children and its destruction of families.


I have spent more than a decade fighting for my children and my belief that I should have a right to see them. My ex wife upon choosing to step out of our marriage with another man, took my kids and treated them as her property.  The state of Utah allowed this and granted extremely minimum visitation for me as their father.  This visitation many times was denied by my ex depending upon her mood and desire to manipulate the situation.  The courts never put a stop to it and emboldened her to continue this abusive behavior.  The complicity of the State of Utah, with my ex wife and its highly corruptible judges have deeply impacted my ongoing relationship with my children over the years.  It is only through my own laser like focus with my children and spending highly quality time when we are together that we maintain the relationship we do today.


The state of Utah is guilty of child abuse. The failure on the states part to protect children from the abusive, emotional manipulations of the mothers combined with the empowerment they create through the rulings of the judges have destroyed many families along the way. The laws and policies towards fathers creates an extremely emotionally abusive situation for the children that are caught in the crossfire of this states actions towards fathers and its failure to protect the child and their relationship with their parents.

These nightmares that I have lived in fighting to keep my children in my life were once again revisited today when I heard of the dozen men suing the state of Utah over its adoption practices.   The family courts in Utah have waged war against fathers over the years.   They will quickly throw a father who lost their job in jail for failure to pay child support, yet will never notify a father whose children are being abandoned by the mother and put up for adoption.  Adoption is an amazing thing!  While many children benefit greatly from adoption, it should only be done with BOTH parents consent.

The state of Utah needs to be stopped, punished and prosecuted for its ongoing abuse of children and destruction of families!

Here is a link to:

Fathers sue Utah over law allowing mothers to secretly give up babies for adoption



4 thoughts on “The State of Utah’s ongoing abuse of children and its destruction of families.

  1. You REALLY should read my book that coming out shortly. Currently at the galley proof stage. Free, yours for the asking, zero obligations, zero expectations.

    Been through what you have. Haven’t seen my severely alienated daughter in five and a half years.

    I cracked the code. It is what I was meant to do.


  2. I was just going to comment and recommend Michael’s book: Book 1: The Mirror. It is nothing less than parental alienation. I pray your lawsuit gains national attention and wins all of you the right to see your children. This may just be a Supreme Court issue.


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