Love and Trust as Little Children


Children are born with absolute trust and faith in their parents.  We as parents may or may not be deserving of such trust yet it is granted along with love unconditionally by these precious and tender souls.  A child’s trust can never grow stronger than it is at birth, for it is perfect trust.    The trust, love and loyalty of children are given fully and completely. It is in our actions as parents and not that of the child that will alter that trust, and nothing else.

As parents, we can continue to be deserving of that trust so completely placed in us at their birth that can last throughout our children’s lives, depending upon our actions. Our actions and not our children’s are critical for the continuation of that trust.  A child will not stop trusting until we violate such trust, in fact I have witnessed many times how a child continues to trust even after repeated violations of that trust.  Children are forgiving and loving, they desire the same.  As we break the trust of our children, through our actions, words and deeds, it will permanently damage our children and their ability to form trusting relationships as adults.  If we as parents destroy this amazing gift from our children, we create significant road blocks in their lives as they learn to trust others.

We are the first relationship that a child will have in this world, the magnitude of this is lost on so many.  We set the stage for our children and their emotional well being from they day they are conceived.  We determine if our child will feel loved and secure, or if they will live with uncertainty, fear and distrust.

This point has been driven home ever more deeply with the birth of our precious little girl.  The past year we have been more aware of our promises to all of our children, the way we talk with them and our interactions with them.  Unfortunately I have no doubt that as parents we have made some mistakes along the way and most certainly reduced the trust of our children.  Thankfully for us, children are deeply forgiving and loving, they give us more chances to be better and to learn from our past mistakes. 

As we recognize this extremely wonderful, unconditional love and trust from our children, we too can learn to love and trust as they do.  Our children are greater teachers than we could ever become.


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