The Inequality of Equal Rights


Lately there has been much said regarding equality and equal rights.  The irony behind the arguments is those crying the loudest for equality in fact do not desire equality at all, they desire preferential treatment under the law.

As I have watched this debate continue on I am flabbergasted with the hypocrisy of those screaming the loudest.

  • The LGBT movement wants equal marriage rights under the law while denying others the right to exercise their personal religious beliefs that oppose such unions.  Business owners are being forced do perform services that are contrary to their own beliefs against gay marriage.  We trample on one set of beliefs in favor of another persons, this is being driven by those very individuals using the equal rights banner as their mantra.
  • The pro choice movement is nothing about choice, it is about murder.  Pro choice has nothing to do with civil liberties as they deny those very same rights to the child whose life they destroy.  The pro choice movement are also typically the ones who will use science to cry global warming yet deny the science regarding a human fetus.  This group also claims pro choice while eliminating a fathers right to choose.
  • The gun control group screams that for the safety of all they want to eliminate guns in our communities citing examples of gun violence conducted by criminals who already are under gun restrictions, yet refuse to recognize the plethora of examples of reduced crime and lives saved as a result of gun ownership.
  • Those who support redistribution of wealth and the welfare state to aid many who cannot or will not support themselves wish to deny the rights of those who work hard to excel and achieve.

The equal rights groups do not desire equal rights, they desire the right to control others and in effect create mass inequalities.

I believe that all individuals should be treated with respect, dignity and love.   I believe that charity that is forced is not charity but a tax.  I believe that an individuals right to happiness should be preserved but should not step upon another’s rights to their own beliefs.  I believe all should be served equally by the government and that the government should never coerce another to violate their own personal beliefs in doing so.

For equality to ever exist in our society, all persons rights and beliefs must be protected, not just those claiming equal rights.


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