Voices from the Dust



I am fascinated by our ancestors and the civilizations that came before.  I reflect often upon the people, the cultures, and the influence that these ancient societies have had upon our present day.  Like voices from the dust, the writings, architecture, art and the many clues left behind allow us to create a picture of what their lives were like.  The social, economic and political cultures within these ancient peoples are constructed based upon the relics they left behind.

This also brings me to pondering much about my own personal ancestry and my family members whom proceeded us.  I am oftentimes in awe of the strength of character shown by many who came before. The trials and challenges that they were faced with often provide me with an inner strength as I face my own challenges.  I have read as much as I can get my hands on of my pilgrimage ancestry crossing the ocean by ship, the storms and difficulties they encountered as well as those who crossed the plains as they settled west in the United States.  Many of them left journals detailing their accounts of hardship in search of a better life.  Journals that have provided insight into the people from which I descend.

We are the recipients of the sacrifices made by those who came before.  Our lives are inextricably intertwined to our ancestors as well as the ancient civilizations that have left an indelible mark on this world in which we live.  We have been given much knowledge from the past, some serve as guidance for us while others serve as a warning to prevent us from the same disastrous  fates as those civilizations that have been destroyed.  While I greatly fear that we as a people have failed to heed those warnings, I also fear what impact our society will have upon future generations.  How will our actions shape the lives of those who come 100 years, 500 years, 1000 years from now?  Will the knowledge we leave behind be used for guidance or will our generation serve as the warning voice to future generations?

As a think personally upon the legacy that I wish to leave for my posterity, I pray that it will be one like my ancestors have left me.  A voice of faith and hope driven by a strength of character that will provide my posterity the wisdom needed to overcome any challenges and obstacles they may endure in their lifetime.  100 years from now what will they say about me?  Will I leave behind a positive impact, or will it be a warning on what to avoid so as not to duplicate my mistakes in life?  I am certain it will undoubtedly be a combination of both.

I do pray that my legacy to my great great grandchildren will be one of inspiration and a source of strength and wonderment, much like I have gained from my ancestors.  I pray that they will learn from my mistakes and gain courage from our fortitude in facing challenges with dignity, grace and courage.  I pray my  voice will  rise from the dust in love, strength and courage to those left behind as a testament to my faith, my love and my compassion for my posterity.

2 thoughts on “Voices from the Dust

  1. As I write my blog or leave other traces of myself, I shudder to think what my great great great granddaughter might think of me! Hopefully one will love writing as I have. My ancestor is supposed to be Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Great post ♡


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