Happiness vs Pleasure


What is the difference between happiness and pleasure?   Is there a difference?  I believe that there is one at least within the confines of today’s usage of the words.   I also believe that many individuals confuse the two and seek pleasure while searching for happiness.

It is estimated that only one in three Americans are happy.  What key differences exist between those that find happiness and those that do not?  I am of the opinion that one of the key drivers leading to this sad statistic is that many individuals seem to believe that pleasure brings about happiness.  I disagree, I believe that if ones searches for pleasure, then happiness will be ever more elusive, for it seems that happiness brings about pleasure, however rarely does pleasure bring about happiness.

We live in an ever increasing world of instant gratification.  This is a pleasure principle. Most people no longer seek for happiness, nor do they understand that they are no longer seeking happiness as they are driven to fill one carnal desire after another. 

Happiness is a state of positive emotional well being.  This is found when driven from our spiritual self.  Pleasure is typically obtained through carnal desires, the physical side.  One has a lasting effect, while the other one wears off quickly and then the pursuit of pleasure begins again in an effort to replace the rush normally associated with pleasure.

I believe that happiness over pleasure creates a more peaceful life.  It provides harmony with our souls, (body and spirit) which then turns our moments of  pleasure into a more lasting and fulfilling experience.  This leads to joy.  Happiness and pleasure in a perfect balance for the soul.

I believe that in order to find true happiness, which leads to joy lives, we must first stop chasing after pleasure and place the desires of our spiritual self ahead of that of our physical self.  Many find the fleeting moments of pleasure yet never find happiness. Some find happiness in life and not necessarily experience pleasure, yet find life more fulfilling and worthwhile.  Few find the Joy of obtaining both happiness and pleasure in this life, for those are the ones who seek and find happiness and then allow those moments of pleasure to happen as a result of the happiness they have found.  

12 thoughts on “Happiness vs Pleasure

  1. In the hunt for happiness life gave me pain despite giving it my all, in the pursuit of pleasure I found an escape for a brief moment until depression knocked on my door, I could never resist.
    Onto the path I returned over again, two or three failures in happiness name and what was I left to warm me in the dark but a shelter of pain.
    Depression wanted to kill me and lay me in a grave, a bleak companion I must admit but unlike happiness, never a lie, a deceit or deception as grand as that of the promise of happiness, truly for me a fools game.


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