No Excuses… Just Choices


Each year brings with it a renewal, a desire to be better and do better than the previous year.   This rebirth, much like that in nature during springtime, brings with it many wonderful designs to change and grow.  I think back upon my life and the many times I have told myself that this is the year I’m going to do…. or be…  fill in the blanks. 

Many of the goals I have set for myself, have been realized in years past, while just as many have fallen by the wayside.  Two weeks into the new year, I am certain that many of our goals have already been discarded for the normalcy of the lives we life.  Mankind by nature generally repels change and avoids any disruption to our routines.   Sometimes we fear what the change brings, even positive changes carry a certain level of fear with them for many individuals.

As I reflected on the past year and what it brought into my life, and my dreams and goals for the coming year, I spent a great deal of time reflecting more upon the goals I missed and why I missed them.  For me, the missed goals were the result of ONE thing.  Every goal set and whether or not it was achieved or not stemmed from one thing only.


For me, it really was this simple.   I could make numerous excuses as to why one thing or another prevented me from being able to do what I originally planned. The end result is, it’s my choice whether or not it was a priority.  it is my choice whether or not I allowed outside distractions to interrupt me.  it was my choice whether I did what was necessary to achieve the end result I thought I wanted.   If I wasn’t committed enough to do what was needed, that was my choice.

The same is true for the goals I achieved.  I found success in achieving them as a result of my choices.

As I move forward towards the goals and designs I have for this coming year, my focus will be not only on the goals, but on the choices I make everyday that impact my ability to achieve them.  No excuses… Just choices



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