Why are you Free?



Freedom…  For the 11% of us on this earth that live in a full democracy with freedoms,  why are you free?

Many of us would give the most standard of answers, which I fully support and believe, that we are free as a result of those before us whom have sacrificed, many giving the ultimate sacrifice to secure and protect our blessings of freedom. The sacrifice of many throughout history to pass along to their children and nations the ability to exercise individual rights free from tyranny and oppression.

When asked the question of “Why are you free?”, most of us immediately head down the above mentioned path. 

37% of the worlds population live under an authoritarian regime, 51% in flawed democracies or a hybrid of an authoritarian regime.

Why are you free?   Why are you one of the 11% in this world who enjoy true freedom?  What is your purpose and why are you one of the ones to enjoy this blessing of freedom?  What have you done to make a difference with that freedom that 89% of the worlds population only dream of?

What is your reason for being free?

11 thoughts on “Why are you Free?

  1. If only ‘freedom’ were not such an emotive, or comparative word: it could be argued that if you were a white Aryan living a normal life in the Germany of the Third Reich, you were free. Only those who test the edges of their freedom are likely to experience restriction and normally, though we might want to do this, we don’t actually need to.

    Are we free? Is there such a word? Or is it a nebulous, meaningless term like ‘infinite’? I don’t know.


  2. I am able to move about from place to place without fear. I can wear what I desire, say what I think, and explore new territory. If qualified, I am able to seek any position or apply for any job without being discriminated against. Freedom to me is being able to live fully as my true self.


  3. . A group of treasonous anti colonial landed gentry put forth the notion in writing that I am endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Then convinced the poor to fight for them to over throw their colonial government that told them to the contrary that it is their Creator who granted them divine right to rule over these Colonies that they had established on this continent across the sea.

    Now the local landed gentry tries to clarify who that Creator is, how much I owe that Creator for those rights, which rights I can exercise, and in what way.

    Of course freedom is a perception as given to the vagaries of the human brain as is the color of a dress in a picture on the internet.

    But I like it.


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