Atheists and Christmas


Every time an atheist  takes the name of God in vain, they invalidate their own arguments.  As they celebrate and enjoy the Christmas and Easter holidays they do the same.  So why is it that an atheist wants to remove God from these holidays, when they are celebrations of the Savior Jesus Christ?

I have friends whom are Jewish and do not celebrate these holidays.  I have friends whom are Muslim and do not celebrate these holidays.  Why then do atheist’s have such a strong urge to not only celebrate these holidays, but remove all symbolism attached to these days they by their own arguments have no belief in?

Atheist’s do not celebrate Eid Mubarak, nor passover, nor Hanukkah.  Why Christmas?  I have heard all the arguments that Christmas is not the same as it originally was and that it has been commercialized, or that it is based upon pagan traditions.  That argument is weak and holds no merit, if this were truly the case then why do non christian religions not celebrate them? 

Atheists have taken to attack primarily Christianity and its beliefs and traditions.   I find it amazing that they want destroy these holidays for Christians by removing the very reason for the season when they claim no belief in the very reason for them. The other irony is that it is ONLY the atheists that want all references to Christ removed from these holidays, yet my Jewish and Muslim friends will all wish me Merry Christmas as they understand and respect my beliefs, as I do theirs. While my atheist friends get quite agitated and irritated by any reference to Jesus Christ during Christmas, they seek to remove all nativity sets and religious music from the holidays.

I will never ask that my friends whom are atheist ever be forced to participate in any religious celebration.  If they do not believe they do not need to celebrate these days with us.  I have other friends who choose not to, yet respect this day as a religious day for me.  I expect that the atheists do the same.  I wont make them celebrate a day they do not believe in.  Besides, for them to celebrate these holidays invalidates their arguments.  I would never ask them to ever do that. 

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