The Demon of Self Doubt


Much of the discouragement in this life comes from one of our strongest, most debilitating self demons known, that is self doubt.  This demon is responsible for much unhappiness and unrealized dreams for many and is responsible for repressing our motivation and natural drive to succeed in our endeavors.   I hear often of people whom suffer from extreme self doubt that they have given into the despair that undoubtedly will soon follow those whom fall prey to this demon.

Self doubt can paralyze individuals and destroy the self worth of an individual.  These doubts become a self belief system that at times can be extremely difficult and painful to overcome.  As individuals seek to conquer these demons they must first accept the realization that they and they alone are responsible for their happiness and joy as well as the where they currently are in life.  Far too often we blame circumstances that have placed us where we find ourselves in our lives, this sentiment only perpetuates ones feelings of self doubt and lowers the self worth of the individual.  Once they accept as truth that circumstances are the reason where they find themselves in life, they give up the power to control their own lives and leave it to chance.

When one gives up control of their own life to circumstances they create an automatic link to self doubt, for they have no belief that anything they do can improve their life.  The spiral effect creates apathy and a loss of desire to improve as one in essence gives up.

We are the masters of our own destiny.  We control our own lives and how we see the world.  This is never to imply that disease, illness, others choices, etc.. impact our lives, they absolutely do; however we choose how we will respond, when we doubt our own abilities to effectively cope and make correct choices we lose.

Overcoming ones self doubt is critical in order to find the success and realize our full potential.  Its a conscious choice, decision, and then actions to effectively conquer these demons.  As we do, we will find hidden powers and greater success in our lives.

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