What We See In Color, Others See In Black and White


Our lives are colorful. Vivid and radiant colors that penetrate the depths of our souls through our life experiences and challenges.  Many times the color with which our lives are lived, while clear to ourselves are seen in black and white terms by those around us.  The judgments of others are oftentimes cast in a cut and dry, black and white application for everyone else, while at the same time expecting others to see the color in their own lives prior to casting their judgments upon us.

It is my experience that others who like to judge in such a way are typically ones with whom their lives have been experienced in black and white terms and are therefore unable to see the color that exists for others and the choices they make.  Harsh judgments, when cast upon others indicate a weakness of vision for the one judging.  They are typically incapable of seeing or understanding that not all lives are the same and cannot be seen through the same lens.

There are individuals whom spend inordinate amount of their time gossiping and judging others and the decisions and choices that others make for their own lives.  These individuals who judge, on the outside appear to have it all together, yet they actually suffer from such deep and often hidden insecurities about themselves that they deflect those feelings onto others through the judgments they make.  These judgments made through a black and white lens actually  represent hidden discouragement at some failed endeavor.

Conversely, those with whom their lives and experiences have color to them and are not cut and dry generally tend to be more forgiving and compassionate individuals.  They spend more time serving and donating their time to worthy causes.  The color that challenges and heartache bring into ones life allows them to see others and the world that they live in a much clearer manner.  They see others for whom they are and not what they think they should be.

If your life is lived through black and white lens it’s time to examine your own life with the same scrutiny that you examine others and their lives.   Life is meant to be lived in color, not black and white.


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