The Blurring Line Between Truth and Lies


The lines between truth and lies continue to blur in our ever shrinking world as the internet and lightning fast communications relay information at unfathomable speeds.  What used to take weeks or months to debunk are done now in minutes as the integrity of individuals and the truth behind their actions or statements are immediately scrutinized.

While this benefit of the communications age has without question helped call out deception, lies and deceit amongst us, it has also negatively slandered, defamed and destroyed many innocent lies.  We live in a society where many people believe anything they hear without examining for themselves the truthfulness of what is being said about others.  In this new era of worldwide instantaneous communication, it has become the first person tell the story sets the standard for what is the truth of said story.  Once people read something, they automatically assume what they read to be true and never study it further,  The shock factor has become commonplace in correspondence and as often as things written are true, they are also false.

This has led to the proliferation of falsehoods and misrepresentation of facts as truth in our gullible and anxious society to digest more and more gossip.  There are many who thrive upon spreading lies and falsehoods about others.  We have become a society where we want gossip so badly that we blindly believe anything said or written from another as long as they are the first to speak.

I have personally found that truth typically lies within the quietest most silent of individuals.  It is these people with whom gossip is squashed and truth resides.  The ones least likely to be at the forefront as stories spread and gossip builds are the ones whom are the most reliable yet most difficult to get to talk about it. Lives are lost, broken and destroyed as lies and deception are spread.

It has become commonplace in our lives to accept another great lie, that everyone lies and it is alright to tell a lie and cheat. Lies lead to destruction and devastation. They always hurt someone in the end.  Nothing is ever gained positively from lying or cheating, for if the one spreading the lie or cheating somehow “gets away” with it, they still destroy their own integrity and soul.

Lies cause hurt, they destroy and devastate, individuals, families, towns and countries.  They erode trust and the common good within communities.  Before believing in and becoming ensared by gossip, deception, and lies, verify for yourself the truthfulness of things before sharing with another, then speak truth boldly and confidently and be trusted by those whom you choose to share.

“If you tell me the truth, the truth I’ll proclaim.
If you tell me a lie, you’ll be fair game.”
Belva Rae Staples


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