We The People can make a difference – Pleasant Grove proves it!!


All too often I hear from friends and family of how one persons voice cannot make a difference, that the system is broken and the individual’s voice doesn’t matter.  I beg to differ, more now than at any time in our history the people have a voice, the problem is that your voice is not used or doesn’t translate into the polling locations for your vote and voices to be heard.  Too many people have become disenchanted with politics and have even given up voting, this appalls me!  I hear often from people I don’t like any of the candidates so why waste my time, they’re both idiots.  The problem here is they have given way to the vocal minority whom do speak out, “When you skip voting, its not rebellion, its surrender!”

This past November’s election I was thrilled when I learned from a friend who lives in this city,  what the citizens in Pleasant Grove, Utah did!  Fed up with the current mayor and having no enthusiasm for the individual who opposed him, they WROTE in who they wanted as Mayor and HE WON!  A write in candidate in 3 weeks garnered 54.89% of the vote in a 3 way race without his name appearing on the Ballot.  He beat the incumbent by a whopping 18.71 points!

When a community, city, state and nation’s citizens become fed up with the current system and when working together they can make a change regardless of the party system and the broken establishment.  Those who say that their voice do not matter are really telling you they are too lazy to do anything about it.  One voice can become two, then three and so on.  Another mayoral race in nearby South Jordan Utah separated the candidates by only 19 votes!  There were almost 10,000 votes in this city!  Your votes do matter, your voice must be heard and each of us can make a difference!!

KUDOS to the citizens of Pleasant Grove for taking action and taking back their city!



One thought on “We The People can make a difference – Pleasant Grove proves it!!

  1. This is really cool. I worked with mike Daniels once when my friends and I wanted to show a movie we made at his theater. He was awesome and a really great guy. I think he’ll be great for Pleasant Grove.


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