The Teachings of my mother


Nearly all of the teachings that I hold closest and dearest to my heart were taught and instilled in me through my mother.  She is a anchor in my soul to the things that make me the man I am today.  My faith, trust, hope, compassion, service, gratitude and many other traits all come from what my mother taught us while we were young men growing up.

In our home as children, we were taught the power of prayer and of God’s love for us at the footstool of our mother, her example of true faith and perseverance through difficult times has provided a tremendous example and strength for me in my life.  I have throughout my entire life leaned upon these teachings to enable me to excel in life and overcome the many challenges and  obstacles that I have endured.  In my darkest hours I have always been able to turn to my Father in Heaven and my mother to see me through these times.   I remember often as a young child finding my mother on her knees beside my parents bed in supplication to our Father in Heaven for well being.  This example of her devotion and faithfulness has been burned in my soul and strengthened me often.

My mother has always shown us to be of service to others and to show compassion and kindness to all.  I have learned from her teachings to serve and help others that I encounter along life’s path.  I have learned and come to understand the truthfulness of the scriptures that “when you are in the service of your fellowman you are in the service of me” (the savior) from her example and untiring devotion and service to those around her, especially her family.  My dear mother always placed others first and especially her kids.  I know that there have been numerous times. too many to count when my beloved mother has gone without to make certain that her children had what they needed.

I have watched her through the depths of sorrow, at the loss of my father particularly, as she expressed her undying gratitude her Father in Heaven for the time they shared together and to those who have sustained and supported her throughout these many years.  No greater example of dignity and courage could ever be taught than that of my dear mother through this time.

As I look back upon my life, and the teachings and examples that have been the greatest impact in creating the man that I am today, I understand and fully realize that it has been the teaching of my dear beloved mother in my life, her strength and example have burned deep in my soul.

Thank you mom for all the amazing and wonderful examples of faith and what a true Christian life looks like.  I pray that I may provide the same example to my children as you have been to yours.  We love you mom!

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