I finally had the most wonderful and  AMAZING time with my children on Halloween.   I have waited 8 years for this moment to come, when Halloween would fall on my day for a visit.  In years past I would attend the school parades on this day just to see my kids in costume, however, I have never been able to see and witness their excitement as they raced door to door yelling “Trick or Treat”  We spent hours running around the neighborhood laughing and playing.  The cold night air was insignificant when compared with the much anticipated and long awaited memories we were creating together as a family.

This was a beautiful moment in time that I will never forget!

Small moments such as these are the foundation of my life.  I treasure these moments in time, I seek for these moments, and do all in my power to make the special for my dear children and family.  I have learned to change my envy of those who get these daily small moments in time with their children, into a clear focus on my children and their needs so that our small moments become the grandest of memories for us all.  Ones we can treasure for a lifetime!


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