VANDALISM AT GOBLIN VALLEY – An Open Letter to Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor, and Dylan Taylor


Goblin Valley


The destruction and vandalism in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah at the hands of Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor and Dylan Taylor is not only reprehensible and disgusting, it is inconceivable that any rational or semi intelligent human being could participate in such blatant destruction of our natural wonders.  Your selfish self centered actions done for the sole purpose of your entertainment and thrills is hideous and abominable.

My family visits this majestic wonder of nature every single year in the spring.  My children are awestruck by the beauty that surrounds that area, each formation and each hiding spot they find as they explore it are new adventurous finds for them.  They look forward to each visit with excitement and anticipation.

When I read about this and watched your video, then heard your pathetic and absurd excuse after the fact in merely  trying to save your sorry butts from prosecution only incensed my anger and frustration with such cowardly acts.  Your high fives and cheering indicated your true reasons behind the destruction and the vile thrills you received in doing so.  You add insult to injury with the deception you try to cast upon the American people with the ridiculously fabricated reason you claimed AFTER the destruction was complete.

In addition to the lame and absolutely absurd excuse of a reason for doing so, to discover that you are in the scouting organization as leaders of young men is incredibly appalling!  The Boy Scouts of America should immediately dismiss you and ban you from any further contact with any young men for life! You should also be banned from any state or federal parks for life as well! You aren’t adequate examples that these young men and our communities deserve.

It scares me beyond belief what values you have taught these young men?  To destroy property, to lie and deceive the public as to the reason and to use children as an excuse as to why you think it appropriate to destroy such a magnificent and majestic state park?

You deserve a severe and harsh punishment not only for your actions in the vandalism but also for being a leader of young men and the example that you set for them.  The damage done is multi faceted and the punishment should be as well.

You’re actions are disgusting and reprehensible!

IF you haven’t seen the video, the link follows here:

One thought on “VANDALISM AT GOBLIN VALLEY – An Open Letter to Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor, and Dylan Taylor

  1. You three are true ass holes.I hope they throw the book at you. I guess your way of thinking we should fill in the Grand Canyon because someone might fall in it.Keep them in jail until they figure how they are going to put everything back the way it was. Why did you do this to the scouting organization? we try so hard to make good citizens out of the young boys.


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