The liberal agenda is quick to find fault within the right wing conservative groups in this country classifying them as evil money hoarders intent upon destroying this country through corporate greed and tax breaks for the rich while deposing the poor to a life of low wages and servitude to corporate America.  Liberals argue that the wealthy and the evil corporations are to blame for the problems in our society.  The continual assault from the left against the powerful with money is ironic when one takes a little time to comprehend who is really controlling the money and business in America.  The Left wing extremists would have you believe that big business is bad and that those with money are evil, while they continue to lobby and support the very individuals they claim they are against.

If you compare the top 50 wealthiest Americans who control more than 35% of the wealth in this nation it is interesting to note that 44% of this group support Democrat candidates, 38% support Republican candidates while 18% support the independents.

The dynamics of wealth within our government is more deeply skewed in favor of net worth and the Democratic Party, particularly within the senate.  The average Senator maintains a net worth of $14,013,596.  The average for a Democrat in the senate is $20,795,450 while that of a Republican is $6,358,668 and the Independents at $6,099,707.  The Wealth of Senate democrats is 327 times greater than that of their Republican or Independent counterparts.  In the House the numbers appear closer.  The average net worth in the House is $6,594,859 where Republicans lead with an average of $7,859,232 which is 53% greater when compared to the House Democrats at $5,107,874.  The wealthiest branch of our government is the Senate.  Those with the money and the power are pushing the liberal agenda upon the American people.

One only need look at Hollywood where 90% of the celebrities are liberal.  Hollywood gives 5 times the amount of money to Democrats compared to the Republicans.  9 out of the top 10 highest paid celebrities are liberal and strong supporters of the Democrat party.

Corporate America is no stranger to the liberal cause either as many of the top companies in America are led supporters of the Democrat party and it’s liberal agenda.  The list is LONG when looking at the CEO’s of corporate America and those who support the liberal agenda in this country.  Major employers and companies including, Chase, Costco, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Facebook, McDonalds, Starbucks, Staples, Conoco-Phillips, Disney, Bloomingdales, and the list goes on, are all headed with CEO’s who support the agenda that the Democrats and left wing liberals want to push on this nation.

Those in this nation who support the liberal agenda do so at their own peril.  They fight against themselves as they elect leaders who support and endorse the very causes they claim to detest.  The continued hypocrisy within the Democrats agenda is astounding that anyone with any common sense could ever support.

The average small business owner whom 79% of them are conservative have an average net worth of $497,000 compared to the mega-millions of the liberal celebrities, CEO’s and Senators.  Liberal households in the US earn an average of 6% more than that of the conservative households, yet conservatives give 30% more to charity.  If the poor in this country truly support a liberal agenda, as the past 2 elections show, then the disparity between the rich liberal and the poor one must be a much larger gap than that between the rich conservative and the poor by the mere fact that the liberal households in this nation do earn 6% more in wages.

The underlying issue is that the powers within the Democrat party, have influenced those who need help in our communities through the power of the media, celebrities and entitlements that the conservatives will not help, when the facts prove otherwise as noted with the charitable giving differentiation.

The average American liberals blind devotion to those with fame and fortune are leading themselves into a state of slavery at the hands of their very own leaders, through the blatant lies and misinformation regarding true compassion and giving in this nation.  They are blindly following these liberal leaders with ulterior motives and hidden agendas to remove all freedoms and power from the people and put it in their own hands.  The resulting power shift will result in the end of our freedoms.


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