The American people have forsaken their freedom and lost their liberties as a result of their idolatrous worship of the rich and famous in this land.  The American obsession with money, the rich, and their own self indulgent behaviors have now created an elite and ruling class within this nation.  A class that rules without regard to law and the constitution.

As a Nation we have listened to those with fame and fortune and blindly followed them into the abyss through our idolatry, as they have silently and methodically tightened the noose around our throats while we willingly bow down and worship them, for no other reason than the fame and fortune that we as a people have thrust upon them.

The cost to win a Congressional Election is over 1.6 million dollars while that of the Senate topping 10.5 million.  The median household income in America is only $52,100.   The cost to win congress is 30 times more than this and the Senate is 201 times greater!  The average Americans net worth is $77,300 compared to members of Congress at 6.5 million and the Senate at 11.9 million.  The average net worth of the past 5 Presidents of the United States a whopping 26.6 million!!

This is NON PARTISAN!  Democrat and Republican alike, if you do not have access to millions of dollars, you cannot win an election in this country.  We have a social elite that is out of touch with the daily stressors and issues that the average American family faces.  They make decisions for a citizenry that they know nothing about and cannot relate to!  They pass legislation and laws that violate the constitution meant to protect the American people from tyranny, while the American people quietly sit back and allow their freedoms and rights to be reduced and taken away.

Like frogs, we are in the water, it has been warming up now to where it is boiling and we are too complacent with the offerings  of these leaders that are pacifying our own carnal and self indulgent desires.  They have distracted us with evil designs to lull us into complacency while they slowly remove our freedoms, while we sit like fools begging for more.

These cunning leaders have wooed Hollywood and the media into propagating this con on the American people.  We have voted based upon the endorsements of celebrities who are far more distanced from the real world than our leaders have become, yet we follow them like sheep to the slaughter while idolizing  and worshiping them as they slowly enslave us.

We have been warned against idolatrous behavior yet we have foolishly fallen to its entrapment.  We have been blinded by greed and self gratification and the fantasy world that we want the world these fools with money live in.

I want our government back in the hands of the people and taken away from these elitist individuals who pass laws for the masses that they exempt themselves from!  The double standards that this American people have accepted and continue to vote for will lead to the complete and utter removal of the remaining bits of freedom we enjoy.  Like the kidnapper who entices children with candy to enslave them in  a world they never wanted, we have also taken of the FREE candy that the government has offered as it continues to enslave the American people.

It’s time that this people rise and take control of their government,  raise their voices against tyranny and oppression, gain the strength of character that comes through hard work and self reliance, and REMOVE from office all those who would pass laws for the commoner but not the elite, and stop the idolization and worship of those in Hollywood and Congress who would continue to take us down a path of destruction.  Get involved in your communities and elect men and women of character, who know how to work and be self sufficient and who have not been tainted with the past idolatrous worship from the American People!



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