ABORTION – The American Holocaust


The deliberate murder of innocent children otherwise known as ABORTION is the #1 leading cause of death in America.  There are 2.5 million other deaths per year and 1.21 million murders.  These murders are legal.  They are under the false pretense that it is a woman’s right to choose for her body.  There is no thought given to the child and and they, like in the times of slavery, are not considered human.   This is the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.  A holocaust is defined as the great destruction or source of destruction of life.  This is what abortion is, the willful destruction of human life.

Science is crystal clear that at the moment of fertilization life begins.  There is an ideological argument that there must be some threshold crossed for life to begin, however the science proves otherwise.  This debate is simply a debate about responsibility.  Some will argue that the woman bears the burden for the pregnancy and therefore should be able to decide.  Where was the responsible decision of abstinence or birth control?   Why did she choose to have unprotected sex.  This is the most selfish self centered argument on the planet.  It is ludicrous to believe that a woman has the right to murder an innocent child, who made no choice, because she and her partner failed to make the correct choice in the beginning.  98% of all abortions are for convenience.   Murder for convenience is what we are allowing under the legal guise abortion.

In the last 9 years there have been approximately 900 deaths due to mass shootings, the nation is outraged and demands changes to prevent this.  The Jewish Holocaust took 6 million Jewish lives, the world went to war to stop it.  The Iraqi war killed approximately 130,000 people, outrage and protests about the war mongers still impact our society.  The Syrian conflict has resulted in approximately 110,000 deaths over the two years, President Obama wants to attack them for the use of chemical weapons that kills 1400 people.   Car accidents in the US lead to 120,000 deaths annually, we pass new laws for drivers requiring mandatory seat belt use.  We will infringe upon the individuals right to choose a seat belt to save their life but give no voice to the unborn child to save theirs.

While the above numbers are astounding, Abortion is the method of 1.21 million legal murders in the United States per year.  Since 1973 there have been an estimated 56 million murders and our leaders approve of this.  If this were any other country in the world that had killed 56 million citizens during this time frame, we would be at war with them to stop the holocaust.    We would charge the leaders with crimes against humanity.  In the United States we praise them for the leadership in allowing a woman to choose.   To choose the legal murder of innocent children who have never been given a voice in this fight.

One in every 3 deaths this year in the United States will be the murder of a child.

28 thoughts on “ABORTION – The American Holocaust

  1. …and Canada is no better. Two terms ago our illustrious prime minister was elected on one of the promises to visit the abortion debate with the idea that we could at least have a law or some guide lines on the subject of abortion. For the past seven years he has refused to even raise the subject, and to date, we have no legislation whatsoever…yet he is quick to go to war over the rights of people in other countries if the cause seems just.
    Our leaders suck…all of them!

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  2. Great article and comment from Dawn. Lord help the women make the right decision when abortion is offered to them as a convenient alternative to alleviate the careless, reckless choice to satisfy the flesh.

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  3. After I was raped and learned I was pregnant, many told me to end the pregnancy. I asked them why they wanted me to murder an innocent child? They tried to convince me it was not a child, it was only a “fetus”. Good grief. How can people not understand, when they use words that change what things really are, too many are confused about what they are really doing. This should never be a form of birth control. Abstinence is the best form of birth control. And for those of us who were raped by strangers, relatives, or even has sex, there is always adoption. Murder is never the right option, in my humble opinion.

    I tend to send people to the Right to Life organization and let them see what it really is. A woman lawyer, who originally believed in abortion, took a camera crew into an abortion clinic to see how they did them. She was appalled when she saw what really goes on those places. I won’t go into detail, but know this, when anyone sees that film and then does it anyway, they will have to answer to God for that murder. Many may say it is legal, but it is not in the eyes of He who created us all.

    Keep up the good work. Hugs from a distance.

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  5. I take a firm position on pro-life (anti-murder) of a living being, i.e., an unborn child. Even in the case of rape, why would I abort a being because it was derived from an evil act when that being is 50 percent a part of me? I would never want to extinguish a life because the power of the Holy Spirit equips us to endure anything and will also equip and create a beautiful life for that being no matter what their early sperm donor was like. I have an adopted son and his natural parents were less than to be desired as far as caring for him but that in no way nullifies his right to have a magnificent life and to be used by Christ. I am troubled by the fact that people honestly have more compassion and burden for a helpless lion that was hunted and killed than for a helpless living being with a purpose a plan for its life. I know that young girls get into predicaments and see no other way out but to have an abortion but that is where family is failing them because family sticks together and if they know they have a support system then they could come to them with any problem and gain their support and wisdom. We are living in a sad day when the sight of a plastic water bottle thrown into the garbage rather than into a recycling receptacle evokes more anger and intolerance than the parts of a once living baby parsed out onto a pie dish being prepped for sale / profit. That is disgusting and heartbreaking.

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  8. I read this early this morning and wanted to comment but didn’t have time. I think you did a wonderful job of expressing your point here, and I completely agree with you. I try not to think about it because it’s absolutely heartbreaking to me, especially now that I have twin babies. I can’t imagine life without them or anyone making a choice to terminate their lives. I don’t condemn anyone who has had an abortion, I have a close friend who I know had one. Do I think she made a mistake? Yes, personally I do, but I love her the same. She, too, was heartbroken over her choice. I think that for the most part, women who have abortions are very scarred and maybe even tormented by their experience. I agree that nobody WANTS to have an abortion. I think that the women who decide to have abortions really believe the lies and the culture that it’s okay, it’s not hurting anyone. Well, it is. It’s killing a beautiful little baby who is dependent upon you for life and I can’t believe that it doesn’t hurt the mother to some extent either. I believe, if you made a choice to have sex irresponsibly and don’t want to be a parent, should suck it up and learn your lesson – you can give the child to a loving family who is waiting and praying and hoping for that child to come into their lives. We live in such a selfish society where people only think of themselves, their career, their bodies. What about family? What about morals? God bless us all.

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