Let your voices be heard

Repub-Dem 1

The progressive or liberal movement has become louder over the years reaching this current feverish pitch we are now engulfed in.   As I ponder the reason this fight seems to be prevalent in our society I am struck these observations.

Most conservative individuals that I know choose to remain quiet on the sidelines.  They watch from a distance not wanting to get involved in the current debates that are raging, while on the other hand the progressive movement has been very outspoken in an effort to get their points across to the public.

I look at myself in this issue.  I have had many friends who for the past decade have been very outspoken in their vision of the world, what is wrong with it and where they would like to take it.  I would quietly sit by and listen to their viewpoints in an attempt to allow them the freedom to express their views.  I disagreed with many, not all, of their opinions, however I never debated them.  This was partially due to the fact that anytime that I would ask clarifying questions they would oftentimes contradict one opinion while defending another, ie.. guns kill yet abortion is good.  Logically this makes no sense, if killing is wrong then killing is wrong under any pretense, it cannot be argued for both ways with any credibility let alone logic.

Over the years as I continued to let this go on without argument, I found that the opinions no longer stayed opinions, anyone who disagreed with their opinions were quickly attacked for feeling different.  They would not allow anyone else the ability to say anything without it turning into a personal attack.  Anyone who disagreed with them were belittled, verbally assaulted, degraded, demeaned and harassed.  I found myself reflecting back on the years that I had remained silent while allowing them to voice their opinions without any objection.

This behavior of mine allowed these individuals to feel empowered and with that power they felt it appropriate to then deny the very freedom of expression they had been granted for so many years without obstacle.  It was at this time that the realization of Edmund Burke’s statement he is so famously credited for hit me and the significance of this warning:  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

As the encroachment continued upon my personal beliefs and my freedom of expression, I realized that all these years while disagreeing I had remained silent in this debate.  I had allowed the momentum to build, through my silence, that would in the end create a movement wherein the attacks on our liberties and freedoms would grow.

Ironically, as I began lifting my voice to be heard, those very individuals whom I had listened to for many years as they shared their viewpoint on issues, (some of which I had come to agree with, not many, but some) I was lambasted and ridiculed for speaking out in the very way that they had done.

I believe that the primary reason for the perceived widening of the gap on issues is that more and more of the conservative base is now speaking out.   Their voices are rising up to combat the progressive voices that have been so loud for so long.  Many in the progressive base are feeling this pressure of the conservatives finally standing up, and this is driving the conversation to become more bitter and hostile than ever before.

As these debates continue to rage the side whose voices are the loudest and most outspoken will in the end prove the victor.  The progressive voices have been organized the longest, have the majority of the major media outlets and are winning this battle, the conservative voice is quickly catching up and becoming louder.  The side with the most people sitting quietly by in the sidelines watching will lose.  Will your voice be heard?

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