The War on Religion


The deliberate and systematic attack in this country on traditional values and religion are exploding.  We are no longer sliding down this hill, we have jumped off the cliff.  We are in a free fall.  Those in this country who hold dear to them religion and traditional values are being usurped by those who have no moral compass and no belief in God.

The fight is between those who want to keep values in our society, and those who adamantly fight against any moral compass that imposes upon others rights to do as they please.  The irony that I find through this debate, which is in my opinion no longer a debate but a war, is that those who desire no moral compass for this nation and its people do not allow those with religious beliefs and values the freedom and peace to worship as they desire. Those who maintain their religious convictions will typically allow others to be left in peace to follow their own path of choosing.  The freedoms to exercise personal beliefs are granted by those who have something to believe in and those same freedoms are being trampled on by those who have nothing to believe in.

The greatness of this nation comes from our ability as a people to believe as we choose.  We can choose to worship our God or we can choose to believe that there is no god and everything in between.  This system has been in place now for 237 years and as we have allowed this freedom to take place we have thrived as a nation. 

Now that the war is raging against those who choose to believe in God and in religion.  Those on the other end continue the barrage against anyone who believes.  They picket their meetings and conferences.   They utilize hate speech in the name of free speech to attack and degrade those who believe. They push for laws that limit religious beliefs.  The ability for people to worship God is being threatened daily by policies and laws that label religion as hate speech. 

Those that are fighting against those that Believe are fighting for their rights to believe as they choose while denying those very rights to others to believe in and worship God.  They fail to see that they are allowed to believe or not to believe in what they choose to based upon the very freedoms they are trying to remove.   The cliff that they are taking this nation over in this war against religion will only hurt them in the end as the freedom to worship is attacked and weakened, their own freedoms to believe or not to believe will also be weakened.

A former aquaintance of mine who is very much on the forefront of these attacks on religion recently posted that he does hate religion and those who believe in God and that he has a right to protest that.  His deeply flawed opinion on this weakens all of us including himself.   Destroying these personal rights of anyone to worship or not worship without fear, threats or intimidation will in end be the destruction of this nation.

12 thoughts on “The War on Religion

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  2. Ones liberties are founded on Gods word. Irregardless of how one chooses to live, it is most wise to concede to the ultimate authority to have his rights protected. In lew of Gods word, all he has is an argument. This is not liberty, but confusion.


  3. The complete irony of this attack on Christendom is that those attacking have been duped by satan and his fallen angels. In breaking down the protection this great country had been granted by God Almighty, they may well be paving the way for the complete antithesis of Christianity, Islam, in which they will lose all freedom.


  4. How long, I wonder, before Christians have to seek out and develop hiding places or mass migration to find a place of safety and fellowship in the world?


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