The aftershock of September 11, 2001…and Losing our way


As I reflect upon the events 12 years ago that will forever be etched upon the history books as September 11, 2002 (Patriot Day), the day America suffered the worst attack in history upon its people and homeland. My mind cannot help but race to the changes that occurred in the weeks, months, and now years that have followed.

Immediately following the attacks I was aroused with the patriotism and the return to our God that was so prevalent throughout this nation. Patriotism was at a fever pitch. It seemed as if everyone turned to God in our time of grief, sorrow and despair. We turned our hearts and our thoughts to the core beliefs that this country was founded upon which brought a renewed resurgence of national pride. We banded together as brothers and sisters of this great land and showed the world that we would not succumb to the evil that caused this horrific attack on our soil. We stood united….for a time.

And then…

We lost our way. Within a few short years our nation had again abandoned our God, our history our unity and our pride. Patriotism was soon scorned and we became a self serving nation fighting amongst ourselves instead of the enemy who had attacked us. We had turned our backs on the very principles that this nation “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” had been founded upon. We quickly fell from a Christian nation to a heathen nation and that fall was faster and farther than the surge upward was after the attacks.

When we needed God, we turned to him in masses. Then our pride returned and we determined that we were better off without Him. We kicked God out of our schools again, out of our public forums and then declared war upon religion. We have turned on ourselves and attacked anyone who worships our God. The religious freedoms that our very ancestors flocked to this nation for have been turned back. We have fallen and we have lost our way.

This land is a blessed and choice land above all others. It has been a beacon of hope for all in the world. Many have sacrificed untold amounts of blood, sweat and tears to defend this nation and create the opportunity for others seeking the American Dream. The American Dream is dying. It is Dying because we have forsaken our God, abandoned our principles and have taken away the very freedoms our ancestors fought to protect. Our enemies have not done this to us, we have done it to ourselves. We have destroyed our own freedoms and it has started by the war we are raging on religious freedoms.

So as we reflect upon that tragic day 12 years ago, may we return to our God once again as we did in those days and months following . As we do, we will see a renewed sense of patriotism and a new desire to protect the freedoms we have been founded upon. As we turn back to our God and become that “Nation Under God” we can again prosper and once more be the beacon of freedom and hope to all nations.


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